Dear Teenager

Dear Teenager: I know the world makes being an adult look fun & exciting. TV & Radio make sex, drugs, & alcohol seem like the thing to do. Everyone’s doing it, & you must be lame if you’re not. I’ll like to tell you, that’s a very ONE-SIDED LIE. Drugs & Alcohol will destroy your future. You can party your life away gettin’ drunk & high and never accomplish anything. Look up years later, and wonder what the hell happened to your life & your health. There are consequences for irresponsible sex. Babies are created by mistake and raised without a fair chance of a stable family. Also, when you have a child, it’s not about you anymore. It’s a lot harder to further your education or explore any opportunities for yourself. When mishandled & recklessly¬†acted upon, you can acquire a variety of diseases. Some treatable, others are not. Radio & TV won’t tell you these things. It’s made to look fun and make a complete fool out of you. That’s why they stopped teaching Sex Education in most schools. Stay a kid as long as possible, get yourself an education, a relationship with God, and a career. Everything else will be added to you. Trust me…Start studying those around you engaging in those reckless activities so you can clearly see what NOT to do. And even long after school you should become a student, of LIFE. Be smarter than your peers!!